Inside violent estate dubbed 'worst place on Earth' with homes left smashed up and families desperate to leave | The Sun

RESIDENTS whose estate is dubbed "the worst place on earth" are left fearing for their lives and would "leave tomorrow" if they could.

The houses on Prince’s Crescent in Doncaster, South Yorks., are boarded up and gutted by feral youngsters, who leave neighbours terrified to let their kids play nearby.

Brick front walls have also toppled over while graffiti covers the front of charred and abandoned homes.

One resident recently filmed yobs smashing windows and breaking doors.

And despite being just a few months into a long term lease, they already want to move.

The local, who did not wish to be named, told Yorkshire Live: "I regret coming here. It is the worst place on Earth."

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Meanwhile, Mark Horn, who lives just a few roads away from the estate said he "prays he isn't burgled and killed" every night and would "leave tomorrow" if he could.

Another resident, Edith Adams said: "Look at the state of the area.

"There are bound to be children growing up thinking it's okay to burn houses, do drugs etc."

The Sun previously told how many residents believe Prince’s Crescent is ruled by kids who use "threats and violence".

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Police officers beefed up drugs raids in the area earlier this year but residents said the move was just "token stuff".

One pensioner accused cops of "doing nothing", while another claimed the teen thugs just swear at cops.

Someone else said: "If you start grassing in this village you get your bloody windows put through. And we don’t want our houses torched.

“There’s been cars torched. There is riff raff on that street. There’s drugs and all sorts of criminality.”

Another added: "I’ve lived here two years, but it is not safe. I don’t allow my kids to go to the park.

“Six months after I moved in I had my tyres slashed.

“The whole street wants tearing down."

A police station re-opened in Edlington in 2018 and has acted as a deterrent for some violent youths as officers can reach the street more rapidly.

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In February, crime figures showed there were 133 incidents reported to police that month.

Violent crime – including burglary – was the highest category, followed by anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

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