Plymouth shooter's gun was licenced for CLAY PIGEON shooting, say cops amid pressure as to why he was allowed firearm

A SHOTGUN used by Jake Davison to kill five people in Plymouth was licensed for clay pigeon shooting, police say.

The 22-year-old murdered five people before shooting himself after opening fire in the city last Thursday.

Questions have now been raised over how Davison was legally allowed to keep the pump-action shotgun after it was confiscated in December following an allegation of assault.

He was also handed a firearms licence despite his dark social media profiles revealing him as a gun-obsessed loner and "incel" – involuntary celibate.

But Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer has now revealed Davison was allowed to use a gun for clay pigeon shooting.

He claimed it was extremely rare" for guns to be misused in the UK and said firearms are "part of a rural economy and we have to accept that".

Mr Sawyer told the BBC: "I understand the unease. This was a licensed firearm that Jake had, I absolutely accept that.

"I'd ask people to reflect that those firearms, in my ten years as chief constable, have never been used in that way.

"This is unprecedented for us in Devon and Cornwall and the city of Plymouth."

Friends of the murderer’s victims are now working alongside the Gun Control Newtork, Sir Keir Starmer and Luke Pollard MP to find out why Davison was allowed to be armed.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct, IOPC, have said that they will be investigating Devon and Cornwall Police over the matter.

But Mr Sawyer said: "They're heavily regulated, they're heavily reviewed, and that's really important for public safety because it's the only thing police regulate that's designed to take life."


Davison's shotgun and licence were removed in December after he admitted assaulting two youths in a park in September.

He took part in a voluntary intervention programme – an alternative to being charged or cautioned.

The course was finished in March this year with Davison's shotgun and certificate handed back on July 9.

The government is now asking police to review their firearm application process and examine any existing licences that could be a red flag.

They are also planning to publish new guidance later this year asking police forces to check social media of potential gun owners.

The horror unfolded just after 6pm on Thursday when Davison stormed mum Maxine Davison's home and shot the 51-year-old dead.

He then prowled the streets picking off innocent victims at random – including Sophie Martyn, three, and her adoptive dad Lee, 43.


Davison turned the gun on tragic dog walker Stephen Washington, 59, and murdered 66-year Kate Shepherd outside a hairdresser.

After also wounding two other people, the monster then turned the gun on himself and shot himself dead – bringing the six-minute rampage to an end.

An inquest yesterday heard how Davison had rowed with his mother before shooting her in the head.

Leading up to the attack, Davison had posted a string of alarming videos on his YouTube account.

The virgin loner just two weeks ago talked about how difficult it is to "have willpower" when "life has never rewarded you".

He also discussed  "killing machines" and said he likes to think "I'm a Terminator".

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