Santa spotted paddling down flooded streets of Venice

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Santa wasn’t going to let his holiday travel be disrupted in Venice, Italy, despite severe flooding affecting the region.

Sporting a St. Nick costume, Venetian resident Costantino Boscolo was seen paddling his way down a flooded street on an inflatable parrot as waters climbed to more than 4 feet above sea level on Tuesday, according to Storyful.

He ditched the sleigh for a more buoyant means of transportation after the city’s newly-installed system of mobile artificial dams failed to activate.

The system, which is still in an experimental phase, gets activated when tides are predicted to reach 4.26 feet.

Tuesday’s flooding was projected to reach 4.1 feet but kept rising to 4.5 feet in the tourist destination.

“Unfortunately, the weather is freer than us. It does what it wants,” Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said, though he acknowledged that “more rapid protocols” were necessary to activate the system.

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