Stacey Abrams Talks Trump's Futile Attempts To Overthrow Georgia Election Results

Stacey Abrams is the real MVP. After helping register 800,00 first time voters in Georgia ahead of 2020 presidential election, she’s opening up about President Trump’s attempts to thwart her efforts.

On Tuesday, December 8, the politician and head of Fair Fight Action, sat down with late night host Jimmy Kimmel. During their conversation, she got real about the aftermath of the election, and what it was like to watch the current president try to undermine her hard work. “I’m sure you’re aware of this, but Republicans seem to be obsessed with you,” Kimmel remarked, before cutting away to a mashup of various figures, including Trump, name-dropping Abrams. “And for whatever reason, your secretary of state and your governor are afraid of Stacey Abrams,” the president said to a packed crowd in Georgia.

Abrams shared that she doesn’t try to understand her opponents. “I want one thing,” she said. “And that is for every eligible voter to be able to cast their ballot and for that ballot to get counted.”

Over the past decade, Abrams worked tirelessly to work with the Democrat’s base, as Black voters are the most reliable voting block within the Democratic party. She strategized, and then enacted, a year-by-year plan to empower voters on the importance of their voice so that by 2020, they were mobilized and ready to flip the state. She has also written a book, Our Time Is Now, as well as produced a film, All In: The Fight for Democracy, about voter suppression—a racist tactic used to discourage Black votership.

Abrams also talked about the various lawsuits President Trump has filed, in an attempt to change the results of the presidential election. “A number of lawsuits have been filed that have forced the hand of the Secretary of State, and the Constitution precludes the Governor’s intervention.” Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, has successfully sidestepped Trump’s efforts.

“[T]he problem is, you have a hard time winning an argument when you have absolutely no proof that something happened,” Abrams said.

Watch the full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.
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