Viral video of gravity-defying ‘spider-sheep’ bounding up a near-vertical cliff baffles the internet

JAW-dropping video of gravity-defying “spider-sheep” calmly bounding up and down a vertical cliff in China is puzzling the internet.

Biologist Imogene Cancellare’s clip of Himalayan blue sheep “doing the impossible” has racked up more than one million views, with people saying it’s “1,000 times better than Spiderman”.

It shows the animals, also called Naur in Nepal, and Bharal in India, bounding effortlessly up the face of a sheer cliff in the Valley of the Cats, in the Tibetan region of China.

Imogene’s amazing video of the sheep – which are actually a species of goat, with a bluish sheen to their coat – prompted Corrie Navis to comment: “I was watching the one towards the top, and was impressed enough already.

“But my jaw actually dropped when I noticed the rest of the gang just hanging out on the cliff face!”

Another person simply said: “That is insane”, while Brian Urrutia added: “This is wild. My brain is having trouble processing which way is up. Thanks for sharing.”

Given the seemingly mind-bending feat of the animals, some people were pondering about the angle of the footage, asking whether the “video is just sideways?”

But one person responded: “Look at the clouds. When you turn it sideways the clouds are moving upwards, therefore the video is right side up.”

According to her website, Imogene is a conservation biologist and National Geographic explorer who conducts research on rare and elusive wildlife.

Currently doing a PhD at the University of Delaware, US, where she is studying snow leopards, it says that Imogene enjoys "engaging with the public by sharing information on natural history, conservation, and her field adventures".


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