Woman in white dress and flower crown brawls with female passenger

Shocking moment woman wearing white dress and flower crown brawls with female passenger on Tube platform in front of horrified commuters

  • Two women were filmed rowing on West Ham platform before they start fighting
  • Shocking footage shows woman in white dress punch other woman in the face
  • The second woman then uses her handbag to hit the first woman round the head 
  • The pair exchange blows in front of shocked commuters who try to break it up 

This is the shocking moment a vicious brawl broke out on a train station platform between two women after they began rowing in front of stunned commuters.

One woman, wearing a white dress and a flowery crown, walks away from the first woman, dressed in a black jacket and red top, before the argument continues and violence breaks out on the platform.

Footage of the incident, filmed at West Ham station, shows the two women screaming and squaring up to each other after the woman in the red top repeatedly shouts ‘what is wrong with you’. It is unclear why the argument began. 

This is the moment women begin brawling on a tube platform in front of shocked commuters

The argument turns physical after the woman in the dress puts her arms up and the pair begin shoving each other after the lady in red shouts ‘what is wrong with you, seriously?’

A passer-by who appears to be on the phone to the police tries in vain to get in between the women but the fight continues.

The woman in the red top uses her bag to hit the woman in the dress over the head before she then throws punches.

The fight took place in front of dozens of shocked commuters with some attempting to avoid the scuffle by getting on the train.

Pictured: It is unknown why the fight broke out but the two women were filmed exchanging blows with each other after they had been rowing and screaming at each other minutes before

A third woman appears to get in between the two women and calms the situation down

The two women continued to shout at each other with the woman in red screaming ‘get off, what are you doing?’

Another woman can then be seen getting in between them as the violence subsides and the woman in the flowery crown appears to walk away as the video ends.

MailOnline has contacted the British Transport Police for comment. 

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