Dana White Asks Advice From Joe Rogan After Testing Positive for COVID-19

The 52-year-old UFC president reveals in a new interview that he and his family tested positive for coronavirus after holding a gathering in his Maine home for Thanksgiving.

AceShowbiz -Dana White revealed that he and his family have tested positive for COVID-19 after a Thanksgiving gathering in Maine. To tackle his health issue, the UFC president claimed that he called Joe Rogan for advice.

The 52-year-old came forward with his diagnosis in the Wednesday, December 1 episode of “The Jim Rome Podcast”. He first shared, “We just went up to my place in Maine and for Thanksgiving, it’s tradition we go up there, and somebody had it, and we get back, and we all tested positive for COVID.”

“We got back on Saturday. On Sunday, I cold plunge and steam every day,” he further recalled. “So I get out of the cold plunge and steam, and I spray the eucalyptus and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I couldn’t smell anything.”

“So I open the bottle, I start sniffing the bottle of eucalyptus, and I’m like yeah, I got no smell,” So you know what this means. I literally got out of the steam, picked up my phone and called Joe Rogan.”

Dana, who said he’s fully vaccinated, revealed that he’s now feeling great after taking various treatments. “Could not feel better,” he gushed. “Feel like a million bucks. I’m doing two-a-day workouts by the way, too, for the next 10 days while I have COVID and I’m in quarantine. I got my smell and taste back in less than 24 hours.”

While it remains to be seen whether he will be clear in time, Dana hopes he can attend the next UFC card on Saturday in Las Vegas. “If I test negative, then I will absolutely positively be there … I’m going to do the exact protocol that’s supposed to be done and make sure that I’m clean and can go around and be around people again. As soon as that’s 100 percent clear, then I’ll be back to work,” he said.

Dana was not the only one who took advice from Joe Rogan, who has been accused of spreading COVID-19 misinformation. NFL star Aaron Rodgers, who contracted the virus this month, also did the same. Green Bay Packers quarterback himself drew backlash for lying about his vaccination status.

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