Ed Sheeran thought he was gay when he was a kid because of his feminine side

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he thought he might have been 'gay' when he was 'a kid' because he has a 'definite feminine side'.

Ed, 30, who married Cherry Seaborn in 2019, has recently been isolating with his one year old daughter Lyra away from Cherry because the pair contracted Covid-19, while his wife's test came back negative.

Discussing how he’s never been hugely stereotypically masculine, the father-of-one spoke of his love of musicals, Britney Spears and pop music.

He also described watching his daughter being born as being more interesting than watching a football game.

“I have a definite feminine side, to the point that when I was a kid I thought I was gay for a bit," the singer told The Sun.

“I definitely have a big feminine side. I love musical theatre, I love pop music, I love Britney Spears.

"My masculine side probably stops at drinking beer and watching football.”

While Ed is a big Ipswich Town fan he revealed how he found more enjoyment in watching his daughter be born.

He told Dutch podcast Man Man Man: “I watched it and I was like, ‘I don’t know why I watch male football, this is much better’.”

Ed also revealed that he know prefers to watch women’s football compared to men's after watching a match following the birth of Lyra.

He credits his wife Cherry for making him embrace his more feminine side. Ed explained: “My wife is super pro-women and femininity.

"As soon as we started dating [in 2015], my life shifted to that.”

On Friday 29 October, Ed released his fifth studio album, titled ‘=’, but explained to radio host Zoe Ball thathe didn’t do one of his usual traditions when releasing a new album.

In light of his recent battle with Covid, Ed told Zoe that he usually likes to stay up late for a release, but he fell asleep this time round.

Ed said: "I think I'm getting to the other side of [Covid]. The beginning of the week was pretty gnarly but I just drunk a lot of water and slept a lot and had all the vitamins that the doctor told me to have."

“But yeah, it's the first time I didn't stay up for an album release," he continued. "I tried and then I was just like, ''you know what I need some sleep' and went to bed and got a good night's sleep' and I was up bright and early.”

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