Get to Know "Mr. Harrigan's Phone" Star Jaeden Martell

Get to Know “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” Star Jaeden Martell

Jaeden Martell made his acting debut in 2014’s “St. Vincent” before landing his biggest role to date as Loser Club resident Bill in 2017’s big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “It.” Since then, Martell has had his hands full with numerous projects, including Apple TV+’s suspense miniseries “Defending Jacob,” eerie psychological-thriller “The Lodge,” and Oscar-nominated “Knives Out.”

Martell, who recently appeared in the Netflix teen dramedy “Metal Lords,” is currently gearing up for the upcoming release of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.” The forthcoming horror offering adapts one of King’s eponymous short stories published in his 2020 novella, “If It Bleeds.” Written and helmed by John Lee Hancock, the chilling story follows Martell’s Craig, a young teenager who strikes up an uncanny friendship with reclusive billionaire John Harrigan (Donald Sutherland). Soon after Craig gifts Mr. Harrigan a new phone, the old man passes away, leaving Craig all alone and grief-stricken. However, things aren’t quite as they seem as Craig soon learns that he can communicate with his old friend from beyond the grave via the cell phone he gave him.

While we wait for the spooky movie to hit Netflix on Oct. 5, read ahead to get to know more about Martell.

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