Rolling Ray Apologizes to Yung Miami for His Rude Comments About Her Late Baby Daddy

The drama between Ray and Miami started after he taunted the female rapper and her City Girls groupmate, JT, amid the latter’s feud with Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) back in December 2020.

AceShowbizRolling Ray has regretted his rude comments about Yung Miami‘s late baby daddy. Nearly two years after they traded shots on Twitter, Ray finally issued a public apology to the one-half of City Girls.

“I said some things about two years ago that I kind of regret,” Ray said in an Instagram video, admitting that he was young back then and was defending himself. “I genuinely liked you, your music, all that you stood for… so, us getting into it really broke my hurt.”

The drama between the two started after Ray taunted Miami and her groupmate JT amid the latter’s feud with Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) back in December 2020. He even dragged Saucy Santana‘s name by writing, “I got Santana big body a**, you got JT & we can call CPS on Caresha for the day. She ain’t going nowhere.”

Not having it that Ray chimed in their business, Miami lashed out at him, “Rolling Ray chill fr. I’ll beat tf outta you respectfully. All I gotta do is push you down!” Ray then advised Miami to delete her tweet at him while launching his own threat at her, “You knew to delete that tweet… Now purr that… You cute and all, but I’ll put you in a wheelchair and have them calling you Rolling Resha.”

Ray accused JT, Miami and Asian of bluffing, prompting Miami to fire back, “Rolling ray let me see you sucking a d**k in a chair impress me.” She continued insulting the wheelchair-bound social media sensation, “Cause fr rolling ray that won’t even be a fair fight imma just walk up and punch you in your head leave me alone!”

Ray then mentioned Miami’s late baby daddy as he tweeted, “Digg your baby father up b***h.. Tell em how much you turned into a power bluff girl.” Miami got ever more upset as she responded to him, “I swear on my kids imma make that b***h walk again!!” She added in another tweet, “On my dead baby daddy you better hope I never run into you retarded b***h imma spit in your face and make you eat dirt on my kids RIP!!!”

Miami then sent her last messages to Ray before she called it a day. “Let me make this very clear before I go to sleep I’ve been ignoring rolling ugly for a month now Idk him or where tf he come from it was always a lil LOL for me because clearly you’re delusional WE NEVER EXCHANGED words but tonight was the night & you took it to far!” she wrote.

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