I ended up in the same labour room as my EX & his wife during my pregnancy – it was SO awkward

A WOMAN was left mortified after her ex-boyfriend walked into the same labour and delivery room as her.

Maddy Cifelli took to TikTok to recall the horrendously awkward situation, sharing a video of herself in a hospital bed, alongside the words: "When your ex and his wife are in THE SAME labour and delivery room."

She added in the caption for the video: "The hospital was too full for L&D – at least we had a curtain."

Viewers were quick to ask for a story time video explaining the situation, to which Maddy obliged.

Explaining that she'd been sent to the hospital by her OBGYN during her high-risk pregnancy, Maddy continued: "I’m only 25 weeks pregnant so I’m on their high risk – they just want to take extra precautions with me."

"The hospital has been completely crazy – the ER was packed, labour and delivery was packed," she added.

"So it was all great at first and (her partner) Cody and I got our room, it was great.

"I literally told him that the last time I was here I had to share a room with someone and it was a horrible experience because she just kept yelling the whole time."

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But, as the ward was so busy, they were then told they had to share their room, at which point Maddy's ex-boyfriend and his wife walked in.

"Then they walk in… We make eye contact," she recalled.

"Luckily there’s a curtain in between us but it was just so awkward – I just felt like I couldn’t talk. So Cody and I were literally sat there whispering."

She also added that the ex isn't a recent one, and they were together while they were in high school.

"I just thought it was pretty ironic and awkward," she grinned.

And viewers of the video agreed, with one writing: "I’d simply pass away!"

"That’s what I’d call small town bull s**t," another person added.

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