Mums shares pics of epic B&M 10p sale finds including shoes, kids' books and garden lights

CONSIDERING how we pay by card for just about everything these days, it feels like we'll never be able to get rid of the loose change that's been rattling around our purses for the best part of a year.

Well if you also want to get rid of some shrapnel, then you might want to head down to your nearest B&M – where shoppers have bagged shoes, kids' books and garden lights for just 10p.

Posting on the Facebook group B&M Bargains and More, mums have been showing off their impressive budget-friendly purchases.

Delighted with her bargain buy, one shared a photo of the 10p black velcro sandals she picked up for a fraction of their normal price.

And while the brand normally sells kids' story books for around £2, one parent was chuffed with her 10p bargain.

She wrote: "Not as good as all the bargains I see on here but all the 'stories for' books are 10p each."

Meanwhile, a third bagged a set of £10 garden lights for just 10p too – and others could hardly believe her luck.

One replied: "I WANT SOME!"

Another added: "Bargain! Really do need these."

Speaking from experience, a third shopper said: "I never find bargains like this.!

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And this mum gave her tired kitchen appliances a rose gold makeover for just £20 using Amazon bargains.

Plus B&M shoppers raved about its ‘super dupe’ £6 fluffy slippers which are almost identical to the £80 Ugg version.

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