Student’s epic professional fake tan fail goes viral as 1.6m people laugh at her VERY bronzed look

A WOMAN was in shock after getting her fake tan done by a professional, but she ended up looking more burnt than bronzed. 

Hayley, from Australia, wanted a sun-kissed glow for her school’s formal the next day, but people reckoned she turned out ‘grey’ after her tanning trip backfired. 

A hilarious clip, shot by her mate, Becky, has gone viral on TikTok after showing Hayley walking out the salon while trying to hold back giggles.

Hayley, 19, captioned the video: “My formal was the next day.”

It was initially shot last year, but Becky posted a throwback sharing the video again, adding: “Bringing this back because I can't deal.” 

The clip has since gone viral after being watched more than 1.6 million times, with people branding the tan nothing short of a ‘disaster’.

One person said: “That Friends episode when Ross doesn't know which way to turn.”

Another wrote: “Babe, you were the same colour as the fridge.”

A third commented: “Girl, get your money back. They turned you into the Tin Man.”

Someone else wrote: “How can the tanning salon let her look like that.”

While this person thought: “That's not even brown, that's grey.”

Becky later updated people confirming Hayley managed to get most of the colour off, saying: “She washed it off within the first hour… pretty much straight away and had to do a layer of Bondi Sands to get rid of the grey tones.”

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