Elle Fanning Confirms Secret TikTok Account, Explains Pregnant Party Trick Scene from The Great

Fans have been speculating that the account and its silly videos, dating all the way back to October 2020, belong to "The Great" actress for a while now.

Elle Fanning had a fun little secret that she’d been enjoying since the start of the pandemic, but thanks to one Jimmy Fallon and his nefarious “Tonight Show,” the secret is out!

Actually, “The Great” star outed herself after Jimmy asked her if fan speculation is true. Launching its first-ever TikTok in October of 2020, the account with the nondescript default name of @user6754189318472 posted a video of a young woman putting her necklace on her teeth like a grill.

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While she never identified herself, eagle-eyed fans were pretty quickly able to identify who the woman in the video was. It was followed by a quick succession of silly videos throughout that month that followed the standard TikTok fare formula.

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The videos are all very light-hearted and playful, but Elle had never confirmed nor denied that this strange little account lurking under such a generic name is actually that of a bona fide Hollywood star. That is, until Jimmy asked her on Thursday.

When she confirmed, he couldn’t help but laugh at the name, telling her, “Clearly you’re doing this for the followers, ’cause it’s so catchy and easy to remember.”

“I post when I want, but it’s silly. It’s like a little secret– Well, not so secret, I guess, now,” Elle laughed. “Thanks!”

In truth, it was never really as big a secret as Elle perhaps expected it to be. It could be that she’s just too recognizable. That silly first video has been viewed already 19 million times, with only one of her posts failing to reach a million (and it’s very close).

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Sometimes you shine so bright, it’s hard to dull your star. Elle was even sparkling and shining in her interview, recorded from her home, with the Los Angeles sun sending shimming sparkles across her wall from the glimmer of her top.

The pair also talked about the bizarre party trick Elle’s character, Catherine, performed on “The Great” this past season. She and the team were trying to come up with something to show a more fun side of her character when she offered that she could do a backbend.

Fun fact: Elle’s character is pregnant throughout the entirety of “The Great” Season 2. As such, that particular trick would have an even more comical and bizarre layer added onto it. But, as proven by a pic Jimmy shared, Elle first had to prove she could do the backbend.

“I was serving macaroons on my pregnant tummy,” she explained of the hilarious shot of Elle as Catherine in full makeup and costume, with her stomach sticking straight up … and up … and up!

The first two seasons of the intentionally-inaccurate biographical comedy-drama based on the life of Catherine “The Great” are now streaming on Hulu.

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