Heather Morris Slams Glee Fan's 'Offensive' Post About Mark Salling

Her comment was immediately met with backlash.

Heather Morris jumped into former “Glee” costar Kevin McHale’s Twitter mentions on Thursday night to defend Mark Salling from a post she deemed “offensive.”

Earlier in the day, McHale shared a fan’s post celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the show’s Season 2 episode “A Very Glee Christmas.”

“Ten years ago today ‘A Very Glee Christmas’ aired,” the fan wrote, along with a heart emoji. “Artie got his magic legs, we all fell in love with Coach Beiste, and Brittany reignited the magic of Christmas for everyone.”

The Gleek also shared four photos from the episode, including one in which Salling’s face was covered with an emoji of a smiley face vomiting. Salling pled guilty to possession of child pornography, but died by suicide in 2018 before his sentencing.

McHale retweeted the fan’s post, adding, “This album goes hard tho.” Two minutes after he shared it, Morris replied to his tweet, simply writing, “The vomit face on Mark’s face is offensive.”

While she didn’t post anything else, her followers sure did, criticizing her for defending someone who was charged with possessing child pornography. Even the fan who posted the initial post responded to it with, “Oh dear lord Heather … I don’t regret the vomit emoji Heather.”

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McHale didn’t say anything directly about her post, but did like a comment from one fan who wrote, “I agree that cancel culture is toxic in most cases, but in this one, there are just some things in life you simply don’t do. And I hope anyone that feels like they need to do that gets the help that they need instead/before doing something that will impact lives beyond their own.”

That comment was in response to another popular fan reaction to Morris’ tweet, one which supported her.

“Mark was their friend & as messed up as his choices were, he was still a person with a family & people that loved him,” it read. “Separating a person’s behavior from who they are & still loving them, despite their shortcomings, is the mature thing to do. So yes, I agree with Hemo.”

Other popular replies to Morris’ post included, “i think being a pedophile is a bit more offensive than an emoji,” “Offensive to the vomit” and “i know he was your friend, but he wasn’t a good person, and you have kids, i can’t believe you’re being serious rn.”

Morris has yet to respond to any of the criticism.

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