Rita Ora gives her hair a twinkly ‘fairy’ effect with gold hair tinsel

With Christmas just around the corner, the A-list are getting into the festive mood with glitzy beauty makeovers. Singer Rita Ora is taking that glam to a whole new level by adding light-reflecting strands of gold hair tinsel into her blonde hair.

You might not notice it at first glance, but when she moves her hair around the gold streaks are visible against her buttery blonde base. We first spotted the tinsel in a TikTok video posted to her page, but now her Instagram grid also shows her new hair in all its Christmassy glory.

Unsurprisingly, a large volume of the comments on her recent posts have been about her new glitter highlights.

“Where do you get the cute glittery things in your hair?” one fan asks, while another says: “I just wanna know where I can find those glitter extensions.”

A third simply writes: “The glitter highlights >>.”

If you’re also mesmerised by Rita’s strands, we have all of the intel on hair tinsel for you. These micro strands of the sparkly stuff are woven through your hair for a style that catches the light everywhere you go. They’re usually attached at the scalp with micro bonds, much like regular hair extensions often are. The only difference is that you don’t need a full head of hair tinsel, just a couple of strands here and there.

Hair tinsel lasts for a lot longer than you might think; the maximum recommended time it should be kept in for is 6-8 weeks, and you can wash and style your hair as normal with them in.

So where can you get them done? Select salons and hair extension specialists will offer this service. Just check with your stylist before booking in to avoid disappointment – and they might need to order the strands. If you're London based, we recommend booking in at Samantha Cusick London. The rough cost of getting hair tinsel will be upwards of £80, depending on your salon.

Though gold and silver tinsel is trending for Christmas, these strands took a Halloween turn back in the autumn as wearers began opting for “pumpkin spice” strands of foil. This particular colourway was born in TikTok, with userZach Mesquitgoing on to prompt plenty of others to ask for the warm auburn shade of tinsel.

The videotitled “pumpkin spice hair tinsel” has now been liked over 300k times, and shows Zach, a US-based hairstylist, showing what a combination of holographic brown and orange tinsel shades can look like when blended into blonde hair.

We’re booking in for a hair appointment ASAP!


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