Teen runs after biker with ‘knife the size of sword’ outside London nursery

Two women were left screaming in terror when they saw a teenage boy chasing a biker with a sword-like weapon in broad daylight.

Footage filmed by a female passenger in a car behind the motorbike shows the young boy furiously sprinting outside Kingswood Primary School in West Norwood of south London.

The woman tries to warn the biker and yells: "Driver away! No, no no! Do you want to die? Look at the big knife! This guy's got a death wish bruv! Do you see the big f***ing knife in his hand!"

She then told her friend to follow the knife-wielding man to a roundabout.

They caught up with the moped rider who astonishingly stopped his vehicle to make gestures at the teen with the knife.

The passenger gasped and told him to ride away from the teen.

"Are you alright? Drive! Drive off! No seriously drive! Who wants to get stabbed up?" she shouted.

As the motorcyclist starts driving, the teen manages to catch up with the huge knife in hand.

Another clip shows the women parking their car and spotting the moped driver near Aubyn Hill where he was seen filming the teen chasing after him.

One of the two women can be heard in the video suggesting that the biker also has a weapon, saying: "You lot both have weapons! Look come on! Seriously!"

The teen is seen catching up to the moped with his gigantic knife still in his hand and the motorcyclist begins driving off.

The teen then screams: "F*** off p**** hole!"

As the thugs continue chasing after him, the woman says in despair to the camera: "These kids!" before the video cuts to an end.

It is unclear how the fight started between the two men.

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