The Weeknd's Halftime Show Inspired the Best Super Bowl Memes

“Looking for the mute button when it’s my turn to talk on the zoom call,” a person wrote alongside the clip.

Not only did The Weeknd take over Raymond James Stadium Sunday night, but the singer also turned Twitter into a frenzy, becoming the subject of a viral meme.

At one point during his Super Bowl halftime show performance — while performing his hit “Can’t Feel My Face,” — The Weeknd entered a funhouse full of gold mirrors. The singer took control of the camera, getting up close and personal with the lens. While holding the camera, The Weekend walked through the mirrored set in his red sequined jacket as he looked around, slightly dazed, at the hallways around him.

The moment became a viral meme on Twitter, with dozens of users sharing hilarious tweets in relation to The Weeknd’s now-infamous confused stroll through the funhouse.

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“Me looking for my $2000,” a person wrote alongside the clip, while another tweeted, “Looking for the mute button when it’s my turn to talk on the zoom call.”

“With my mom at the mall when I look up from the gameboy and realize I’ve been following a random lady for 10 minutes,” another person wrote.

“When I hear my cat somewhere in the house start to gag and I try to get to it before it barfs on something nice,” a user tweeted, while another said, “Entering an apartment where I know a dog lives.”

Check out some of our favorite memes in the the tweets, below!

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