This Trump Baby Balloon Met An Unexpected Fate During The London Protests

In 2018, as President Trump was preparing to visit the United Kingdom, activists in England crowdfunded an enormous balloon depicting Donald Trump as a diaper-clad baby throwing a tantrum with a scowl on his face. The inflatable protest reappeared this week as the president visited London — and the latest Trump baby balloon update suggests that it’s hit a nerve with some supporters of the president.

Real Clear Politics reports that on Tuesday, a woman who goes by "Based Amy" posted a video of herself approaching one one of the Trump baby balloons — there are several— in London, declaring it "a national disgrace," and stabbing it in front of a crowd of people.

"Yeah, baby!" she shouted after vandalizing the balloon.

It appears that the woman, who also declared Trump "the best president ever" during her counter-protest, injured herself while stabbing the Trump baby, as she displayed her own blood-soaked hand to the camera afterwards and said she’s "bleeding quite badly."

Moments later, police officers arrived and arrested her. In the video, the woman can be heard claiming that she hurt her hand falling off of a bike and that she’s not dangerous.

"Look at the police, the police are coming after me!" she says in the video. "I’m gonna sue you!"

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard confirmed to the Independent that "one female has been arrested for being in possession of a pointed or bladed article."

The Sun reports that the woman in question is believed to be a conservative blogger. In response to the incident, a spokesperson from Trump Baby UK, the organization behind the balloon, told the Independent that “it’s not surprising that the far right would want to meet freedom of expression with violence.”

London was rocked with protests as Trump arrived in the city amidst a three-day visit to the United Kingdom. In addition to the balloon stabbing incident, Mediaite reports that a Trump supporter was hit with a milkshake by anti-Trump protesters in Parliament Square, who chanted "Nazi scum!" while surrounding him. Several far-right political figures have been pelted with milkshakes or other drinks by protesters in recent months. Those politicians include Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave permission for the the Trump baby balloon to be flown during Trump’s visit to the city, the Independent reports. Anna Vickerstaff, one of the organizers of Trump Baby UK, told the Independent that the balloon is "part of a proud history of political satire in the UK that sends a clear, orange, message to Trump and his politics of hate that they are not welcome here."

The Trump baby that was stabbed on Tuesday was completely deflated, according to photos posted by Yahoo News. However, it wasn’t the primary Trump baby balloon; that one is already airborne, according to the group’s organizers.

“The actual Trump Baby is on his way to Dublin as we speak to be ready to troll Trump on his next destination," the spokesperson said.

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