You’re cracking eggs all wrong – mans clever hack stops shell getting in food

A cooking guru shared the secret to cracking eggs without making a mess in the kitchen.

Mike Hayes, the master chef behind the social media account Stove and Garden, mentioned the trick in his video as he revealed three cooking hacks to his viewers.

He explains on TikTok: "I'm sure you have seen people drops the egg and then no egg shells come out.

"There's a reason for that, crack your egg on a flat surface, you'll much less likely to have egg shells in it."

The expert also gives tips on seasoning meat – suggesting you should pour the spices in a bowl and use them to coat ingredients for extra flavour.

"It happens with steak all the time, people will season their food and then rub it in, flip it, and then season again," he says.

"It just makes your seasoning container all nasty."

The third tip is to help keep the work station clean – and by that Mike means it's best to keep all the food scraps in one place.

His fans found the hack useful and some were shocked to learn these care-free tips.

"The tips I didn't know I needed," one said.

And a second wrote: "Honestly, I don't get the flat egg cracking. I can't do it – crushes the shell into the egg and gets pieces in it every time."

A third added: "No way with the eggs! So cracking them on the edge of the bowl might have shell in my batter? I learned something today."

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Others, however, were more dubious about the tip, with one commenting: "I have heard of the egg cracking tips, but for me it's the opposite.

"I get much more shell when I crack on a flat surface."

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