America Got #Fartgate Trending Number One After Someone Let One Rip Live on MSNBC … or Did They?

Twitter immediately launches an investigation into whodunnit after a very audible eruption momentarily took over Chris Matthews interview with Rep. Eric Swalwell.

It was the fart heard round the world, but alas as it was on television it was not so easy to discern who smelt it or who dealt it.

And yet, Twitter was on the case Monday night, catapulting #Fartgate to the top of Twitter’s trending topics deep into the night.

It’s nice to see the nation come together for the most important political investigation of our time as we try and figure out whether it was MSNBC host Chris Matthews or his guest who let one rip on live television.

And the memes, oh the memes!

Already, Matthews has come out and tried to put out the fires with a tweet insisting that "It was the #Hardball mug scraping across the desk," but that only added more fuel.

"Total exoneration," Swalwell replied to that tweet, but not so fast Representative! Twitter hasn’t made its final ruling yet, and you are in their court now. Swalwell also denied doing the deed to a Buzzfeed reporter, insisting, "It wasn’t me." He did add, "It’s funny tho [sic]."

The already-infamous moment came while Matthews was interviewing Rep. Chris Swalwell, and more specifically while Swalwell was talking. And this wasn’t the kind of gaseous emission you had to focus on to hear. This was the kind of sound that might startle your dog into hiding under the table like a thunderstrike or something.

While we may never know who let one fly, as neither men acknowledged the very audible sound during the interview, it is worth nothing that Swalwell was speaking and there was an otherwise very unnatural pause in his cadence when the bonus sound emanated across the airwaves.

Also damning, perhaps, was that he was the only one on-camera when it happened. So if it wasn’t him, he’s probably none too pleased that it was his face America was looking at when it happened.

Oh, the two men were talking about the impeachment hearings and how important those are but let’s be honest, is anyone going to remember the content of that conversation when they’re too busy wondering about the contents in these men’s colons battling to come out and have their own television debut?

As you might expect, Twitter had an absolute field day with this one, debating the logistics of who the culprit was and simply loving the fact that a serious news program had one of the loudest farts in the history of television on its airwaves. Seriously, how loud was that suck in the studio? … or in the field … or wherever it happened?

Check out some of Twitter’s most shocked, delighted and investigative reactions as we go back to the tape ourselves and try to be the first serious news outlet to crack the case of the century!

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