Curtis admits he ‘almost s*** himself’ after lifting Maura in challenge

Curtis Pritchard proves he needs to spend a few more sessions in the gym than on the dance floor after he struggled to lift Maura Higgins.

The Love Island star was taking part in a fitness challenge and admitted he had to stop squatting while holding the fiery Irish beauty because he "almost s*** himself".

In what proved to be too much information for everyone watching, Curtis lost out to the other boys early on.

They'd quaffed pints of fake beer, scoffed spicy vindaloo curry and attempted to score goals blindfolded, and for Curtis the squats proved too much to handle.

Curtis pulled himself out of the challenge as he complained it wasn't worth winning for the sake of his dignity.

"I gave up on the strength round because I was about to umm how do I say this, s*** myself." he explained in the beach hut.

Round one involved downing a pint of non-alcoholic beer before donning a pair of vision-impairing ‘beer googles’.

Each boy had to take a penalty while one of the girls acted as the goalkeeper, with each goal worth five lad points.

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