Ghosts season 3: What will happen in Ghosts on BBC? Star teases revelations

Quirky sitcom Ghosts is about couple Alison (played by Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) who inherited an abandoned country mansion in need of some TLC. But more importantly is that the building is filled to the brim with ghosts the couple speak to, learning more about their own pasts as the BBC series goes on. From the creators of Horrible Histories, Ghosts has returned for season three.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ghosts.

What will happen in Ghosts on BBC?

Ghosts returned for its third outing this week on Monday, August 9, at 8.30 pm on BBC One.

The series will be made up of six episodes in total with each one airing in this weekly slot. spoke to actor Laurence Rickard who portrays both Robin the caveman and headless Sir Humphrey Bone, prior to the start of the latest season.

Rickard gave an insight into what fans can expect from the spooky comedy.

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The 46-year-old initially teased that fans would be finding out an “awful lot” about his character Humphrey.

This came to fruition in the first episode of season one as a documentary crew visited Button House for a show on History’s Greatest Plots.

It was discovered that he became embroiled in a coup to take back the throne, when he thought he was joining a book club, thanks to his lack of understanding of the French language.

The episode also later revealed that Humphrey was not beheaded by soldiers but by a couple of swords that fell from the wall.

Rickard continued: “There are some big revelations for Alison, a really interesting situation comes up which kind of makes her slightly re-evaluate her priorities, where they are in life.

“There’s some very, very intriguing – Lady Button, we get to see a different side to her character.”

Just how Lady Button (Martha Howe-Douglas) potentially softer side comes out though remains a mystery for now.

The star also teased one storyline in particular which has been in the making since the very first series.

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“There are two episodes which explore a little more about Kitty”, Rickard continued.

“One of those in particular, I mean, it’s a tremendous performance from Lolly [Adefope], she knocked it out the park.

“There’s something we’ve been teasing about her character from literally I think the first episode.

“And that was one of those things where we went ‘we will want to explore that but we can’t do that, it has to be established before we can explore it’.

“So that was one of the things we held back for series three and that’s a really lovely storyline.”

So far, it hasn’t been revealed exactly how Kitty died in the mid-1700s.

She is a Georgian noblewoman with no outward or obvious tell-tale signs of how she passed.

This could tease the fact she died of an illness but all will be explained during season three.

Ghosts is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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