Gladiators Wolfs lookalike son following in footsteps as he signs up for reboot

Gladiators legend Wolf has revealed his son wants to follow in his footsteps and become a Gladiator on the show's revival series.

It was recently confirmed that the hit series, which originally ran from 1992 to 2000, will be returning to screens in 2023 and will be aired on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Michael Van Wijk, 70, made a name for himself after starring as Wolf throughout the show's eight seasons and became the only Gladiator not to miss an episode.

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Now, as the revival series looks to find a new wave of superhumans to take on contenders in a number of challenges, Wolf explained that he is ready to pass the torch on to his son.

The bodybuilder exclusively told Daily Star: "I can't imagine anyone being the new Wolf expect my son Dean. He has the same sense of humour and sharp wit that will tear the contenders to pieces."

The gym owner added: "He not only looks like me but is a super athletic as well."

Dean is a dead ringer for his dad in the 90s, sporting his trademark hair and athletic build and revealed becoming a Gladiator has been a dream of his since he was five years old.

He said: "When I was five years old, I put on a junior Wolf Gladiator suit and my dad put me on his shoulders and ran around the arena with me. I have wanted to become a Gladiator ever since that day.

"Now that Gladiators is being relaunched it's the ideal opportunity for me to follow in his footsteps."

Dean, who filled in an application to become a new Gladiator, added: "All the classic Gladiator games looked like a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing what new challenges they come up with."

Despite recently turning 70, the TV icon insisted he could still compete as a Gladiator and could do the events "blindfolded."

He previously told Daily Star: "I would return. I could do it blindfolded. They might not let me because of my age, but I'd sign any insurance indemnity or anything because I could do all the games."

Mike, who was an instant hit with fans from the get go, added: "I'm ripped, I'm cut, my abs are sticking out and I'm in good shape. I work out all the time in the gym so I'm really fit and strong."

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Gladiators will return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer in 2023.


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