Lorraine fans stunned by ‘amazing’ Linda Lusardi as ex-page 3 model wows at 60

Lorraine fans were left stunned by 'amazing' Linda Lusardi on today's show.

The ex-page 3 model, who is mum to two grown-up children, looked sensational during an interview with Christine Lampard.

Linda admitted she was blown away by the outpouring of compliments after donning her original sparkly bikini – 30 years after first wearing it.

The inspirational modelling icon confessed body confidence comes with age as she told other women to go out and "be the best you can be".

Linda also gave her frank viewers on plastic surgery, called on young girls to snub cosmetic procedures and gave her diet tips.

Taking to Twitter to shower praise on Linda, one viewer said: "Wow Linda Lusardi looks fantastic for her age. Refreshing to see an older very attractive woman not filling her face full of Botox and fillers"

"Linda Lusardi has always looked amazing, and at 60 is still as stunning! No major surgery, she looks so fresh and natural. Lovely person too…we should see more of her personality on tv," added another.

A third agreed: "Look how gorgeous Linda Lusardi looks. No pumped up lips, nothing fake etc. Looks as lovely as she did back then. Stands out from the crowd for looking natural and classy"

"@lusardiofficial amazing on #lorraine funny and totally agree with ya regards to young 1s having fillers and the rest should just keep there beauty and don’t change," said a fourth.

On the topic of looking sensational at 60, Linda said: "There’s one good thing that comes with age, that you don’t care as much.

"I think women are always putting themselves down and worrying what people think all the time.

"As you get older you think I’m going to what I want for the rest of my life. I’m not going to be her for much longer."

Linda confessed that women can be their own worst enemy and should care less what those around them think.

She said: "All women do when they look at the mirror just look at the faults, they don't look at the good things about themselves. They feel I can't I can't do this cause that looks fat or my bingo wings or whatever.

"As you get older you realise nobody cares. They're so involved with themsleves. They're not worrying if you have a bit of cellulite or not.

"Just go out there and be you. Be the best you you can be. Just look at Lorraine today."

Linda, who is married to former Brookside star Sam Kane, revealed her daughter Lucy snapped her in her original sparkly bikini after digging it out of the attic.

Speaking about her recent bikini shot, she explained: “I was quite shocked actually that anyone was interested. I’m a bit of hoarder.

"They sent me a few shots and they said can you recreate any of these, I thought, ‘I wonder if I’ve still got that?’ I went up into the loft and opened a bag… it looked like nothing, a hanky. I said, ‘I will never get in that again.'"

Linda also gave her diet tips, suggesting have smaller dinner plates, drinking lots of water, and not eat for 12 hours, explaining not to eat just before and after sleeping.

Talking about the trend for plastic surgery and fillers, Linda warned: "I think it’s up to the individual and I never say never. But I do worry, girls under 20, 18 or 19, are having lip fillers.

"What’s going to happen to them when they are my age or your age? When it’s not fashionable to have those pumped up lips any more? Because you are stretching that skin. They are going to end up with tram lines and baggy skin on their face.

"And at 18-25 you are at your prime, you don’t need any intervention from plastic surgery, from botox or fillers… you are naturally beautiful at that age anyway.”

*Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 8.30am

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