See Black Panther cake on Netflix's Nailed It

“Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.”

Maybe the bakers on season 3 of Netflix’s Nailed It! — premiering May 17 — could use the help of Black Panther‘s Shuri, as they’re challenged with recreating a cake that depicts her superhero brother’s mask and clawed hand, adorned with dozens of lush, green leaves and iced on the side to look like a waterfall.

“Oh boy,” host Nicole Byer laments after one contestant’s cake is revealed, seen in EW’s exclusive preview above. “He looks like he’s pondering his mortality as he sinks into a bed of leaves. … It’s like some osteoporosis or something in the hand.”

Nicole’s big concern, though, is the teeth-looking decor around the bottom of the cake. “They’re rocks,” the contestant explains. “They’re gold because it’s a kingdom, so I was trying to add a little flair.”

Judge Jacques Torres has some criticism of the claw and hand, which guest judge, actress, and popular gamer Felicia Day, finds “terrifying. It’s like something out of a Japanese anime horror film.”

Watch more of the critique above, and see how the other bakers fare in all of the season 3 episodes, which starts streaming Friday, May 17 on Netflix.

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