Tom Holland and 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Cast Can't Stop Laughing Trying Not To Spoil Anything

Holland was joined by Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cobie Smulders and Jacob Batalon on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for a very awkward and careful chat.

It’s getting to the point there’s almost no reason to send out the casts of the various Marvel films to do press anymore, they’re all so terrified. Nevertheless, Tom Holland and the cast of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" persisted.

The gang dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday where they found themselves worried about spoiling "Avengers: Endgame," which has been in theaters for a little while now, much less their own film. Luckily, their first trailer dropped earlier in the day, so there was something to talk about.

If you managed to see it, it was no thanks to Tom Holland as he apparently blew it when it came to sharing the trailer through Instagram. Turns out, he’s no idea how to work it.

"I woke up in the morning … and I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so many more followers," he said. "It was like a couple hundred thousand. I was like, this is amazing. And then I start scrolling and I see the trailer and I panic."

Ultimately, he had to call his co-star Zendaya for help in how to get the video posted, and it’s not the first time she’s stepped up to teach him the basics of the social media platform. "So essentially, I’m an old man," Tom said.

When it came time to talk about the film, the entire assembled cast got very quiet and looked around uncertainly. They weren’t even sure if they could talk about the time jump that happened in "Endgame."

So when Kimmel asked if "Far From Home" picks up right where "Endgame" left off, there was a very long pause before Holland tentatively answered, "That is correct."

"That you can say?" Kimmel asked. "That’s something that’s alright to say?"

"My mouth just got so dry," Tom admitted. "Immediately I’m stressed."

Cobie Smulders and Jake Gyllenhaal basically had their mouths taped closed throughout most of the interview. But Jimmy really drove to the core question that’s been on everyone’s minds since the closing moments of "Endgame" checked in on Peter Parker and Ned (Jacob Batalon).

"Why then are you all still in high school?" he asked them. "Were there overdue library books?"

"Why are we still in high school?" Tom turned and asked his co-stars. Yet again, no one wanted to even touch that.

They did all agree — and Tom most of all — that it was hilarious and totally appropriate that he gave the disclaimer before the "Far From Home" trailer that it contained "Endgame" spoilers, considering he’s the absolute worst about dropping spoilers.

"This is how bad it is for me. I was told it was a wedding," he said of the dramatic closing event of "Endgame."

One of the most dramatic scenes in the film, Cobie Smulders confirmed that what we saw on the screen was 100 perecent real. "Everyone was really there," ‘she said. "It was a really insane day and I still don’t know how they pulled it off, because everybody who was in that shot was there on that day."

It was a beautiful tribute to the first era of Marvel films, and what turned out to be a thrilling, if confusing, reunion for all of the casts. In particular because, as Cobie pointed out, "Black Panther" hadn’t even been released yet. "Captain Marvel" hadn’t even filmed when "Endgame" was shot.

"This is all so confusing, I can see why you guys don’t know what you can say and what you can’t say," Kimmel said.

"I thought it was a wedding," Tom reiterated. "I was so excited!"

Who knows if there will be any weddings — or other formal events — in "Spider-Man: Far From Home," but everyone will find out when it hits theaters on July 2.

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